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Registration of Representative Office & Regional Office

Regional Office

The Regional Office is an office of a foreign corporation that serves as the coordination centre for the corporation's affiliates, subsidiaries and agents in S-E Asia and Asia Pacific. The Regional Office established is responsible for designated activities of the corporation within the region it operates.

Representative Office

The Representative Office is an office of a foreign company approved to collect relevant information on investment opportunities in the country especially in the manufacturing sector, develop bilateral trade relations, promote the export of Malaysian goods/products and carry out research & development.

A foreign company representative branch office can be registered with the Ministry of Industry & Development Authority for the purpose of research & development, marketing and sales support services.

The difference between a private limited company and a representative office are:

• Cheaper & easier to set up
• Cheaper to maintain yearly.
• Yearly submission of financial statements to Government authority Cannot formally do trading or conduct business transactions; can only market services and products
• Work permit can be obtained without any limitations for share capital
• Set-up valid for maximum of 5 years after which you will have to set up a local Pte. Ltd. Company

Our Services

Personal attention to your case
Our team will assist you setting up your office in Malaysia in an efficient and timely way, but can also "think outside the square" to develop innovative solutions as required.

100% money back guaranteed
We shall refund you the full deposit if the services have not been completed ad we commit ourselves to the completion time frame given upon the confirmation of service.

100% positive results on application submitted
Thanks to our effective coordination with our panel of consultants and collaboration with the immigration department, we have so far been 100% successful in assisting companies to get their applications approved.

Type of Office
Fees in RM
Fees in $
Representative Office Set Up
RM 9,500
$ 3,000
Regional Office Set Up
RM 9,500
$ 3,000

Terms of Payment

50% upon appointing us to prepare the application
50% upon your Visa Endorsement





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