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Maids in Malaysia (Domestic Help)

When looking for a maid, you may come across two solutions: live-in or live-out.

The foreign live-in maids entitled by the Malaysian Immigration to process for a work permit include mostly the following nationalities: Indonesian, Filipinas, Cambodian, Indian and a few others.

The minimum salaries of the maids are usually fixed by agreements between Malaysian Immigration and the countries of origin of the maids. For example, the minimum required for Indonesian maids is RM360 and for Filipinas is RM760.

The price to process for the work permit will usually be similar from one agency to the other. Therefore, we would recommend going through recommendation or important agencies which will have wider bio-data.

Otherwise, you can also find Malaysian live-in maids. This solution will avoid the hassle of looking into a bio-data and process for the work permit, but the salaries are usually higher.

When looking for a live-out maid or domestic servant, it is most recommended to make sure that the maid is carrying a Malaysian I.C., as only Malaysian maids are allowed to work on a part-time basis and for houses only. Foreigners are only entitled to work under one employer's name only, so beware of a maid whose work permit is under the last employer's name and wants to work for you. Moreover, holding a copy of a Malaysian I.C. will represent a guarantee for security reasons.

Drivers in Malaysia

Drivers are quite easy to find through friends, recommendation or advertisements. They represent a good solution for whoever needs to avoid the stress of driving, or who is not really familiar with the roads in Malaysia. Moreover, it can also represent an economic solution for couples possessing one car only, as the driver might arrange for the transportation for both husband and wife.

The salary for experienced drivers usually starts at RM1,000 to rise up to RM2,000.





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