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Starting a Business in Malaysia

Private Limited Company (Sendirian Berhad - Sdn Bhd)

Procedure 1: Application to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) on the prescribed form (13A) to ensure the availability of the proposed company's name

Time to complete: 1 day.

Associated Costs: RM30 per name search application.

Name search can be conducted online and payment can be made online.

Procedure 2: Company Secretary prepares company incorporation documents

Time to complete: 3 days.

Associated Costs: RM1,000.

A company secretary is required to prepare the incorporation documents and provide a statutory declaration of compliance (Companies Act 1965)

Procedure 3: File necessary documents with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) one-stop shop and obtain company incorporation, tax registration, as well as registration with the Employment Provident Fund (EPF), Social Security Organisation and the Inland Revenue Board

Time to complete: 1 day.

Associated Costs: RM3,000 (registration fee)+ RM220 (stamp).

Promoters must pay the registration fee and file the following incorporation documents with the Companies Commission within 3 months of name reservation:

• the memorandum and articles of association and the statutory declaration of compliance (Form 48A) – prepared by a lawyer or the company secretary;
• the particulars of (a) two subscribers holding a minimum of one share of MYR 1 each and (b) at least two directors who have their principal or sole place of residence in Malaysia;
• the original Form 13A and a copy of the letter from the CCM approving the name of the company have to be attached as well;
• the address or location of the registered office;
• Form 6 (statutory declaration of compliance) upholding compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act 1965 and the Companies Regulations on matters precedent and incidental to the company’s registration – must be filed by the company secretary.

After the submission of the incorporation papers, the CCM issues Form 9 (certificate of incorporation) in 1-2 working days upon lodgement of the relevant documents.

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