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Landmarks & Monuments in Melaka City

Jonker Walk
Jonker Street, Melaka

Taking in Jonker and Heeren (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock) streets is the Jonker Walk. This is the residential centre of the Old Melaka and has an open-air market, interesting shops and eateries, as well as many temples and mosques, including the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. Jonker Walk is a great place to hang out at any time and boasts an undeniable vibe of culture, energy and excitement, particularly on bustling Friday and Saturday evenings. Look out for the handmade wooden clogs, the street entertainment and the tasty delicacies served at the food stalls.

Open: daily – 24 hours; admission: free.

Masjid Kampung Hulu
Jalan Tengkera, Melaka

The 18th-century Masjid Kampung Hulu is a working mosque, and one of the oldest in the city. It features a blend of styles – Arab, Chinese and Javanese, and boasts minarets and a lofty tower. The Kampung Hulu Mosque resides to the north of Dutch Square, within the Melaka Tengah district, and over the river (west bank), not far from Jonker Street. Particularly imposing is the tiled roof, which is oriental in character and appears to have been lifted straight from a Chinese temple.

Open: daily; admission: free.

Masjid Tranquerah

One of the later, high profile mosques in Melaka hails from the mid-1800s, being built in a classic Sumatran-style and rather resembling an oriental pagoda in its appearance. The Tranquerah Mosque is white in colour and resides in the Islamic Quarter, featuring a tiered roof atop it, as opposed to the typical dome. The minaret is Moorish in character, taking on a distinctive Asian look, while Hussain of Johor's tomb is inside.

Open: daily; admission: free.

Portuguese Settlement
Jalan Dalbuquerque, Melaka

The Portuguese settlement is the home of the descendants of the original Portuguese conquerors who arrived in Melaka during the early 1500s. This is very much an up and coming area to visit, consisting of rows of wooden houses and the Portuguese Square. Residing on the waterfront, to the south-east of the centre and fortress, this spot also has some great eateries.

Open: daily; admission: free.

Taming Sari Revolving Tower
Jalan Merdeka, Melaka

Hard to miss is this huge, revolving tower, which stands at over 110 m (360 ft) high and transports dozens of visitors at a time. The seven-minute ride offers fantastic views of the city and coast, and gives a real perspective of Melaka. Located close to the fortress, the Menara Taming Sari opened in 2008 and features both a café and a gift shop. Rides run every 30 minutes, although queues can form at the busiest times. This is a good way to gain an understanding of the city's layout whilst enjoying some great cityscape scenery.

Open: daily – 10 am to 11 pm; admission: charge, discounts for children and seniors.





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